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Breast Lift NYC Plastic Surgeon, Adam Schaffner, MD, FACS, performs Breast Lift Surgery at his fully accredited plastic surgery center in NYC on Park Avenue South in Manhattan, New York. Breast Lift surgery (“mastopexy”) is an elective surgery performed on women who, because of age, child-birth, significant weight gain or weight loss, or genetics have drooping or sagging breasts and are dissatisfied with the current appearance of their breasts.

Breast Lift Surgery is most commonly performed by NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner in conjunction with a Breast Augmentation (with Breast Implants) because, in most cases, a breast lift will not change breast size or fill out the upper portion of your breasts without breast implants. For some patients, Dr. Adam Schaffner can actually use the patient’s own breast tissue to provide an “auto-augmentation” Breast Lift.

Dr. Schaffner is by far the best doctor I have ever had. I’ve had plastic surgery before and have never had a doctor so thorough in explaining what to expect. He called me the night after surgery and the next few days to see how I was doing and made sure I had a way to get a hold of him if I needed him or had any questions. Aside from his bedside manner, his work is impeccable. I had a breast lift and augmentation. Had no idea what to expect or what I was doing. He helped me understand what different sizes would look like and the different types of implants to chose from and the look I’d achieve. Hands down the best doctor I have ever had. I have recommended him to all my family and friends! ~ Google

Whether you need a Breast Lift or Breast Lift with Breast Implants will be discussed with the plastic surgeon during your consultation. The ultimate goal of a breast lift plastic surgery is to restore your breasts to a youthful appearance:  fuller, shapelier, and lifted (non-sagging).

The actual breast lift plastic surgery can be accomplished through several different techniques as performed by Dr. Adam Schaffner. Each type of Breast Lift Surgery will lift the breast, place the nipple in an optimal position and reshape the breast to provide a more youthful and beautiful appearance.

The breast lift plastic surgery approach that is recommended by NYC Breast Lift Surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner will depend on the amount of sag or droop in the breast and the current breast volume. Dr. Adam Schaffner will discuss which approach best suits your needs with you during your consultation.

NYC Breast Lift Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner is respected as an expert by his peers and patients alike. Please read more about the NYC Plastic Surgeons his impressive credentials by clicking here: About Adam Schaffner, MD, FACS.

Dr. Adam Schaffner can offer you a very competitive price on your breast lift plastic surgery procedure due to his patient volume. Please free to contact the NYC Breast Lift Plastic Surgeon’s office to schedule a consultation to discuss the cost, the procedure, and address any questions you may have.

Generally, you may benefit from Breast Lift Plastic Surgery if you have one of the following conditions:

  • You are bothered by the appearance of the shape of your breasts
  • Your breasts are currently sagging
  • You have lost breast volume
  • Your breasts are no longer perk
  • Your nipples fall below the breast crease
  • Your nipples and areolas (pigmented skin around the nipple) point downward as opposed to upward (or multi-directionally)
  • You have stretched skin and / or you consider your areolas too large
  • One breast is lower than the other; and/or one breast has less volume then the other one, otherwise known as asymmetrical breasts

Most Frequently Asked Questions the NYC Breast Lift Plastic Surgeon Receives:

  • Technically speaking, what happens during the Breast Lift plastic surgery procedure?  During your breast lift plastic surgery procedure, Dr. Adam Schaffner removes excess breast skin under anesthesia and repositions your breasts higher on your chest to a more youthful appearance.  There are various techniques you can choose from but typically the plastic surgeon will make precise incisions around your areola “the lollipop technique”.  Sometimes, a supplementary surgical is incision is made from the lower edge of the areola to the breast crease (breast lifts are custom and vary from case to case).   In addition, sometimes a horizontal incision is made under the breast in or just above the crease (this will vary, depending on exactly what is necessary, to give you the best possible results). Since the NYC breast lift plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner doesn’t detach or remove the nipple or areola, nipple sensation is typically preserved.
  • What is the cost associated with Breast Lift Plastic Surgery? NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner offers very competitive prices for breast lift plastic surgery. Please phone his NYC Plastic Surgery office at (212) 688-6600 to schedule a consolation. Pricing will depend on varying factors such as if you elect to have breast lift surgery with breast augmentation (breast implants). The cost of the procedure depends on many variables, so it is not possible to give provide you with a price online without a personal consultation.
  • Does Insurance cover Breast Lift plastic surgery? Sometimes. Breast Lift plastic surgery is considered an elective surgery therefore your insurance will not cover the surgery.  There are infrequent exceptions to this depending on the situation and your health insurance coverage.  Examples include breast reduction, breast lift to match a reconstructed breast on the opposite side, and surgery after massive weight loss.  If you need help with financing the procedure the surgical coordinator is happy to help arrange financing for you. .
  • What are the types of Breast Lift techniques? The Concentric Breast Lift (known as the “doughnut” technique) is a type of Breast Lift procedure for women whose breasts are small and not severely sagging. A doughnut-shaped piece of skin is removed from around the nipple and areola to allow them to be shifted upwards, and then the remaining skin is stitched around them in their new location. Another technique used Dr. Adam Schaffner is the “lollipop lift” in which an incision is made around the areola as well as between the lower border of the areola and the inframammary fold.  The third technique used by NYC Breast Lift plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner, known as the “anchor breast lift,” involves making the “lollipop” incision and adding an incision in the inframammary fold.  The shape of all incisions together is like an anchor.  The incision at the bottom of the breast is well concealed by the breast itself.
  • Will Breast Lift Surgery result in scars? Immediately following breast lift surgery you will have stitches and the incisions from the stitches will be pink. Your stitches will be removed about a week after breast lift surgery. The incision stitch  scars will fade over time  and, in general,  heal as a fine line.  The results of your breast lift will be visible immediately following surgery and most of NYC breast lift Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner’s patients are immediately happy!
  • How long is the recovery period from breast lift plastic surgery? The majority of the plastic surgeon’s NYC patients typically recover from breast lift plastic surgery in a few days. Most women are up and about by the day after surgery, although bending, reaching, and lifting may be challenging at first. You will be furnished with a complete after-care packet prior to your surgery so you can plan accordingly for after the breast lift surgery – e.g.  medications, to remove objects you will need from high places so you do not need to stretch.You should be able to return to work after about a week with no heavy lifting, bending or straining (most patients return to work about 5 days after surgery – it really depends on how you feel).  You will also be wearing a surgical bra for the first few days, followed by a support bra for a few weeks after surgery (don’t worry, the bras are very attractive). Breast lifts generally leave some bruising along the incisions, which, on average, diminish in seven to ten days. Breast lift scars will be prominent for at least three months following your surgery and then generally fade into a fine line.

NYC Breast Lift Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner and his caring staff will advise you of what to expect and what you will need to do prior to and following the breast lift plastic surgery procedure.

If you have any questions about Breast Lift plastic surgery  or would like to schedule a Breast Lift plastic surgery consultation with the NYC Plastic Surgeon; please feel free to contact Adam Schaffner MD, FACS for a breast lift surgery consultation.

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