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Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery is performed by the NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner on women over the age of 18 who have issues with self image, posture, and back / shoulder / neck pain problems related to breasts which are too large (or heavy) in proportion to the women’s size.  For example, bras can oftentimes dig into the skin causing bra indentations and even persistent rashes. Patients may choose Breast Reduction Surgery for these or for cosmetic reasons if they are self-conscious about the size of their breasts

FYI: Breast reduction plastic surgery falls into the category of reconstructive plastic surgery and may be covered by your health insurance. The plastic surgeon’s surgical coordinator will happily assist you to find out if your particular health insurance covers the procedure.

I was lucky to find Dr. Schaffner to perform my breast reduction surgery. Once meeting Dr. Schaffner, I quickly understood his knowledge, compassion and dedication to his patients and knew choosing him was the right decision. My healing from the plastic surgery was remarkable, I believe due to the precision of his surgical skills. He’s been in constant contact with me before, during and after surgery in the most timely, professional and patient manner. I’d highly recommend Dr. Schaffner to anyone.~ HealthGrades

The surgical technique usually employed by the NYC Breast Reduction Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner is straight-forward: he will create incisions on the breasts through where fat, tissue and skin can safely and surgically be removed. Oftentimes, Liposuction may be elected by the patient to assist with fatty tissue removal. NYC Breast Reduction Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Adam Schaffner, will discuss this option with you during your cosmetic consultation. If fatty tissue alone – and not excess skin – has caused large breast size, liposuction alone may work.

During your cosmetic consultation with NYC Breast Reduction plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner, he will discuss which procedure will yield the best results for you in addition to your various options.

Your breast reduction plastic surgery procedure will create a significantly more comfortable, smaller and shapelier breast. NYC Breast Reduction Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner’s technique will maximize the preservation of nipple sensation and the ability to breast feed in most women. The breast reduction procedure requires general anesthesia and generally takes 2-3 hours to accomplish.  You may go home after surgery after you recover from anesthesia.

Most Frequently Asked Questions NYC Breast Reduction Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner Receives:

  • Will my insurance cover the Breast Reduction Surgery? Insurance payment for the breast reduction plastic surgery procedure is common. Dr. Adam Schaffner’s  surgical coordinator will be happy to see if you are covered by your insurance.
  • Is a Breast Reduction surgery permanent? Yes, breast reduction plastic surgery is considered a permanent solution to overly large breasts although the remaining fat cells will enlarge if you gain weight. Also, in the event of a pregnancy, the breast tissues will swell or take on fluid and store milk.
  • Is there a lot of pain after the breast reduction surgery? NYC breast reduction plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner will prescribe a special regimen to minimize any pain after surgery.  You should take your prescribed pain medication to alleviate any pain or discomfort that you experience. If you feel that your pain is severe, do not hesitate to call NYC breast reduction Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner at any time after your surgery. Generally speaking, most breast reduction patients stop taking pain medication  a few days after surgery. Right after your breast reduction surgery, NYC Plastic Surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner will recommend that you wear a surgical bra. This is done to support your breasts and minimize any discomfort .
  • How long until I see the results of the Breast Reduction? You will see the results immediately following  your breast reduction surgery. If you had back pain, neck pain, or shoulder pain prior to surgery, all of these pains will diminish immediately following surgery.
  • Will the breast reduction plastic surgery also correct the breast asymmetry? Yes, a breast reduction can correct breast asymmetry.

If you have any questions about Breast Reduction plastic surgery or would like to schedule a breast reduction consultation with the NYC Plastic Surgeon  please feel free to contact Adam Schaffner MD, FACS for a breast reduction plastic surgery consultation.

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