DAXXIFY® injectable wrinkle treatment is offered by the top rated triple board certified plastic surgeon at the Plastic Surgery Institute of New York (Manhattan, NY). Similar to other neurotoxin based injectables, DAXXIFY® paralyzes the muscles under the skin with a minute amount of toxin to effectively freeze and smooth wrinkles. The muscles and connective tissues relax as a result, rejuvenating and reviving the skin. The revolutionary FDA-approved non-surgical wrinkle correction treatment stands out from similar medications due to its long-acting capabilities, as the results can last up to six months. Both men and women may opt to undergo DAXXIFY® for glabellar lines (located above / between the eyebrows, on the forehead) and may only need about two treatments a year to maintain optimal results.

The Manhattan, NYC based plastic surgeon and his injectables specialists routinely perform DAXXIFY® injectable treatment for patients who suffer from frown lines / forehead wrinkles and have previously experienced positive results from similar treatment. DAXXIFY® can provide patients with dramatic, yet natural-looking results that reflect the individual’s desired post-treatment results. DAXXIFY® sets itself apart from other aesthetic injectables as the first and only peptide-based anti-wrinkle injectable formula and patients typically only need two treatments per year (compared to BOTOX®, which usually requires three to four sessions per year to maintain optimal results).

Men and women in generally good health who are interested in DAXXIFY® aesthetic injectable treatment with our top of the line plastic surgeon and injectables specialists at the Plastic Surgery Institute of New York (located in Manhattan, NYC) are typically candidates for the procedure. It is ideal if the patient has had previous satisfactory outcomes from prior cosmetic injectable treatments (such as BOTOX®). The peptide-based injectable treatment is preferred by many patients, as DAXXIFY® can last up to two months longer, putting the cost of maintenance much lower than other injectable treatments. Our best in class triple board certified plastic surgeon and injectable specialists at the Plastic Surgery Institute of New York are proud to offer our patients the latest and greatest in FDA-approved cosmetic injectables and are highly trained in the evaluation and administration of non-surgical cosmetic injectables.

During your initial DAXXIFY® cosmetic injectable consultation with the top rated triple board certified plastic surgeon, you will discuss your post-treatment goals and he will explain each step of the non-surgical procedure. You will have the opportunity to speak with the plastic surgeon one-on-one to go over any questions or concerns you might have about DAXXIFY®. Your plastic surgeon will evaluate the target areas and determine the ultimate injection zones.

The non-surgical procedure is performed at the Plastic Surgery Institute of New York’s private surgical suite located in Midtown, Manhattan. A local anesthetic is applied to the injection area to minimize discomfort during your DAXXIFY® treatment. Patients report little to no pain during the procedure and the treatment can be completed in as little as thirty minutes. Patients can expect to return to their normal daily activities after undergoing the non-surgical cosmetic procedure and can expect to see results within two to three days of treatment. 



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