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Fat transfer to breast plastic surgery is routinely performed by the top NYC triple board certified plastic surgeon at the Plastic Surgery Institute of New York (Manhattan, NY). The fat transfer breast augmentation procedure is a surgical operation intended to enlarge the breast’s volume utilizing fat grafting methods. The procedure is often referred to as a “natural breast augmentation” because the operation does not require foreign implant materials, such as breast implants, and yields more natural-looking results. Our best in class plastic surgery team at the Manhattan, New York based Plastic Surgery Institute of New York works directly with each patient to actualize their post-procedural goals.

Women commonly opt to undergo a natural breast augmentation (fat transfer to breasts) to give the chest a more youthful, voluminous aesthetic, which can be achieved through the extraction of the patient’s own donor fat from another area of the body. Once fat is extracted from an area of the body with excess / unwanted fat using liposuction, the fat is placed in a centrifuge to isolate it for re-injection into each breast. Fat transfer to breasts allows patients to remove undesirable fat from troublesome parts of the body, while volumizing other areas, such as the breasts.

Patients who want to slightly alter the size and form of the bust rather than make a big change, fat transfer breast augmentation (also known as fat transfer to breast) is the ideal procedure for those individuals. When only one or two cup sizes are desired to be increased, fat transfer to the breasts offers a slight boost to the volume of the breasts.

During your initial consultation with the best in class triple board certified plastic surgeon at the Plastic Surgery Institute of New York (Manhattan, NYC), you will explain your post-procedural goals with the plastic surgeon and he will break down each of your surgical options. You will undergo a series of routine diagnostic tests to ensure you are a candidate for a natural breast augmentation procedure with the triple board certified NY-based plastic surgeon. You will also have the opportunity to speak with the plastic surgeon one-on-one to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about the procedure.

Women who experience a reduction of breast volume (typically as a result of the natural aging process) often opt to undergo fat transfer to the breasts surgery. There are several possible causes for this. As women become older and near menopause, their bodies start producing less and less oestrogen. The breasts’ size decreases as a result of this drop in hormone levels, and the tissue also becomes less elastic. Sagging and volume loss are the results of this.

The size, shape, and placement of the breasts can all be affected by breastfeeding. Breasts gain weight and density when they produce milk. The breast tissue may change after a woman has finished breastfeeding, resulting in changes to the breast. Gravity may also affect the position and shape of the breasts over time. Breast size might significantly change as a result of weight loss as well. Reduction of breast volume can result from any amount of weight reduction. Many different areas of the body, including the breasts, may experience saggy skin after a considerable amount of weight loss.


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