Renuvion® Cosmetic Skin Tightening

The best in class New York based board certified plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Institute of New York are proud to offer patients the latest and greatest in cosmetic skin tightening, including the Renuvion® device. The Renuvion® skin tightening device uses helium plasma coupled with unique radiofrequency (RF) energy to cause targeted underlying tissue to contract / tighten and increase the production of collagen. The revolutionary, FDA-approved Renuvion®  device is commonly paired with liposuction (along with other cosmetic sculpting procedures) to enhance the patient’s overall aesthetic results. Our top rated plastic surgery team at the Plastic Surgery Institute of New York is highly trained in cosmetic RF skin tightening and dedicated to providing patients with dramatic, yet natural-looking results that reflect their desired post-treatment outcome.

Renuvion® cosmetic skin tightening is commonly performed by the NYC based board certified plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Institute of New York. Both men and women may opt to undergo minimally invasive Renuvion® treatment for problem areas on the face, neck, and / or body. Renuvion® is especially effective when employed concurrently with liposuction, as the radiofrequency device can help smooth out wrinkles, diminish the presence of acne scars / sun spots, and shape the target areas to the patient’s desired post-surgical outcome.

The revolutionary FDA-approved radiofrequency device stands out from other products due to its ability to heat up and cool down within a second, minimizing the risk of damage to nearby tissue. The minimally invasive radiofrequency device works by dispensing cold plasma energy (formed by helium gas) combined with specialized Renuvion® radiofrequency energy through a cannula to effectively tighten the underlying skin. Renuvion® can help patients achieve smoother, more radiant-looking skin through the use of minimally invasive radiofrequency technology. Men and women in generally good health who desire more youthful, smooth skin are typically candidates for Renuvion® skin tightening with our board certified plastic surgeon at the Plastic Surgery Institute of New York.

Renuvion® for Face / Neck: Renuvion® radiofrequency skin tightening is routinely applied to the face and neck to surgically enhance a patient’s face or neck contour. Your highly trained plastic surgeon creates a small, hidden incision near the target area and inserts the Renuvion® device under the skin. Renuvion® for the face and neck can effectively target sagging skin, wrinkles, acne scars, sun spots, and the jowls. 

Renuvion® for Body: The Renuvion® device is frequently employed upon the body, especially in common problem areas such as the arms, breasts, stomach, and thighs. The minimally invasive radiofrequency procedure can assist with rejuvenating and smoothing out skin affected by the natural aging process, hormones, pregnancy, or long-term sun exposure. The plastic surgeon creates a minuscule incision near the target area in an inconspicuous position, then inserts the Renuvion® cannula device under the skin. Your plastic surgeon moves the device back and forth to allow the helium gas (plasma) and specialized Renuvion® radiofrequency energy to tighten the subdermal plane without overheating / damaging nearby tissue.

During your initial Renuvion® consultation with the New York based plastic surgeon, you will discuss your post-treatment goals with the doctor and he will explain each step of the Renuvion® procedure. Each Renuvion® treatment plan is individualized to meet the unique anatomical needs and aesthetic desires of each patient. You will work closely with the plastic surgeon to actualize your goals and you may view a before and after gallery of patients who underwent similar procedures. You will have the opportunity to speak with the plastic surgeon one-on-one to address any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure.

Your Renuvion® skin tightening treatment takes place at the Plastic Surgery Institute of New York’s boutique surgical suite (Manhattan, NYC) as an outpatient procedure. Your plastic surgeon utilizes general or local anesthesia to maximize patient comfort and the procedure begins with a minuscule incision at the site of the problem area(s). The plastic surgeon carefully inserts the Renuvion® device under the skin and gently moves it across the target area. The procedure takes one to two hours and while some immediate results may be visible, it takes about six to nine months to see the final results.

If you have any questions about Renuvion® radiofrequency skin tightening or would like to schedule a Renuvion® skin tightening consultation with the NYC Plastic Surgeon please feel free to contact Adam Schaffner MD, FACS.

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